Hi, how is it going?

My name is Rafael Teo, I'm 25 years old and I'm a Product Designer graduated in Graphic Design at Universidade Positivo. In my work, I always focus on providing the best possible experience through foundation, detail and taking good care of the aesthetics of the projects.

My hometown is Londrina, but I have lived in Curitiba for several years. I adapt very easily to new environments and always try to add positively using my past experiences.

People often use these words to define me: energetic, focused, quiet and methodical.
Visual Design My main skill, I have a lot of confidence in the technical quality of my interfaces.
Interaction Design I love to think in details about how the screen should react when the user interacts with it, whether through micro interactions, loaders, transitions between screens, etc.
Motion Design A skill that helps me to develop the interactions between interface and user. Very useful when I need to better demonstrate my idea to the team.
Rapid Prototyping Designing rapid prototypes to perform usability tests is up to me, so I can ensure that the project follows a more assertive path without spending a lot of time.
Information Architecture Simple but so important, I never leave aside and always try to improve this knowledge so that all the other elements of the interface and flows are used in the best possible way.
Bachelor - Graphic Design 2014 - 2017 • Positivo University
• Adobe CC;
• Figma;
• Sketch;
• Adobe XD;
• Google Suite;
• Hotjar;
• InVision;
• Any tool... I learn fast.
Nov. 2020 to Present
Lead UX/UI Designer - Snowman Labs

After a couple processes improvements and projects, I was invited to be part of the leadership of the company. I take care of tasks that improve the work of the design members and help the our Head of UX to plan and think foward.

Jul. 2020 to Nov. 2020
— 5 mos
UX/UI Designer - Snowman Labs

Snowman Labs is a software developer company. We work with several niches and clients, such as RCI Bank, Neogrid, Volvo. Working as outsourced UX/UI Designer for Neogrid, a supply chain company leading is their market.

Jul. 2019 to Apr. 2020
— 10 mos
UX/UI Designer - Mercafacil

Mercafacil is a B2B SaaS company for retailers (supermarkets) that offers a customer management platform, a BI and CRM system as a service. I was primarily responsible for everything related to the design and experience of the company's digital products: the platform (core business), Android / iOS application, Telesales and Chatbot. I was responsible for the entire product design process, from research to prototyping. It also monitored metrics and usability through Hotjar and Google Analytics.

Feb. 2019 to Jun. 2019
— 5 mos
Motion Designer - IESDE Brazil

IESDE Brasil is a company specialized in distance education, they offer materials for universities and also courses for competitions. I joined together with a new team that would be responsible for changing the visual designs of the entire company. My tasks were limited to video editing, motion design and audio processing. I joined the company in order to help change the EAD system in Brazil, but I think that just doing Motion is not my area.

Mar. 2016 to Feb. 2019
— 3 yrs
Graphic Designer - DMSBOX

DMSBOX is a company focused on communication, I had great opportunities working with clients like Renault, Nissan and Volvo. My activities were diverse, I worked with projects on and offline, but I always had greater focus with the digital part. I participated in projects for augmented reality applications for car launches focusing on interactively presenting the launch's new features to users.

Jul. 2015 to Jan. 2016
— 7 mos
Design Internship - Proiz

Proiz was a small design agency, everyone worked at homeoffice and held monthly meetings. My main activities were taking care of creating websites, but I also did a lot of campaign creation, because of that I exercised my writing (advertising) skills a lot. Unfortunately the company went bankrupt, but it was a great experience.

Jan. 2015 to Jun. 2015
— 6 mos
Design Internship - Infoco EAD

My first experience, here I did everything, but I always sold that I knew how to make websites in HTML / CSS.