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Examine Platform - Health - 2020

A health startup from Brasília - BR that offers a system to speed up the emission process of digital exams for doctors and patients.


The currently systems are complex and most of times doesn't work as expected, a lot of users complain against the usability of these systems. One of the biggest problems is the bureaucracy to the medical lab integrate the actual systems to their labs.


Design a platform that eliminate the bureaucracy like other systems and give fast access to medical historic and future exams for doctors and patients.

To initiate the project, it was important to meet the CEO and creator of the idea to understand better the business model, the market and get known about the personas that he wanted to impact.

I did a relation using the data that we had absolutely sure and other things that I had to research. I had a short deadline to work on, so I planned one week to research everything I could and one week to design and prototype.

It was possible to evidence problems talking with doctors about the currently system, such as: system issues (gerenal), unfriendly interfaces with bad usability, obsolete and hard to integrate with the lab.

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What's the overall process? What's your routine? Why do you doesn't like the currently platforms? I was trying to answer this questions while the conversation. It was very important to really understand the jobs to be done by the customers to try solve the problem in a effective way.

After that, I started the definition of the product with the client and we ideate something that could be feasible to the business and realist to the technology.

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We couldn't finish all the job because at that time my client doesn't had the budget to continue our work, so we stopped the project and we'll start again in the right time.

Work in progress...