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App Mercafacil App - Retail - 2019

The project was designed for Mercafacil, a company specialized in Consumer Behavior Management. They offer to retailers an white label app as a communication channel, creating targeted promotions using their platform.


The past app was outsourced by a junior company, because of this a lot of crash and bugs was breaking the app. Besides that, the app had many problems of IA, flows and doubtful interactions.


Redesign the App now with a new design, improving the experience and performance in general, and create a new feature to encourage current customers to continue with the contract.

Initially it was important to know what was wrong with the old app, so I started by conducting a general analysis and asking those involved in the project what the most obvious problems were.

I realized that most of the complaints were due to bugs, and not necessarily the characteristics of the design. Customers were already used to the problems and they used creativity to get the job done in an alternative way.

Building personas was an important task to do: which people do we want to impact? Nowadays, It's a massive number of people who do supermarket shopping online. We had to make a plan.

persona persona persona persona

The main goal of this white label app is send the best offers that fits with people who participate of the supermarket's discount club. This feature is available for all the retailers that signs with Mercafacil web platform.

In other words, this feature is used in the company's pitch to sell all the products and make revenue. This feature had to be in the app's spotlight.


With the new app, a new feature was also being developed: the "Economizometer". This feature shows to the user how much he has already saved being part of the market's discount club. This feature gave a good plus to the launch of the app, increasing the visibility between Mercafacil and retailers.

After some rounds of usability test, It was possible to understand some user behaviors that would be important to implement before the app launch.


The design e develop process take five months to get done, the app is currently at App e Play Stores.