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Weflix Platform - Entertainment - 2017

Weflix is a platform that allows users to watch movies, series and videos together, even from a distance. This happens through a digital room created by one of the members, he sends the room access link and together they choose something to watch.


Users tried to watch videos with their friends via Skype or WhatsApp, which almost always generated a difference in timing of the video, and users ended up watching the video out of sync.


Develop a platform that reproduces the experience of watching movies, series and videos together with your friends, even from a distance.

The beginning of the idea arose from a question about the scenario at the time: how did people watch videos together on the internet?

At that time, every sunday night the series of Game of Thrones was showed on tv and everyone stopped to watch. People commented on the episode live, but on various platforms. Then the idea came up: what if all the reactions were centered in one place?

After some research about video streaming and mind maps to get the thoughts in order, It was clear what I had to do. I interviewed some people to know their behaviors and expectations about the currently experience watching videos with their friends, and my idea started to make sense.

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It was very interesting to realize that some people ended up commenting on the idea without even being quoted: "Ah, it would be great if I could watch series with my girlfriend on the internet. Nowadays we do it on Skype."

People had already "solved" the problem using creativity, but it was clear that it could be better. That said, I did a Benchmarking of the main streaming video players: YouTube, Netflix, and Rabbit.

Layout, Navigation, Interaction and Compatibility were the parameters used in the research. The focus was on finding out how each parameter was executed in each service and analyzing why these choices were made.


From these collected data, it was possible to have a clearer view of the services and how it could solve the problem. So I started creating the platform's naming, branding and visual identity.

After several brainstormings, Weflix appeared. The name mentions YouTube (we) and Netflix (flix), giving a subjective idea of what the platform is about.

The main colors aim to relate cinema (dark purple) and friends (red peach). The color red peach would be used at strategic points to guide the user's eyes.


Now with all that in place, it was time to start medium-fidelity wireframes. For that, I made mind maps with all the screens and flows necessary for an MVP version of the platform.

Medium fidelity wireframes were useful to validate the architecture of the screens. As they would be simple screens, it was a quick process and I was able to start high-fidelity screens.

The MVP version featured the creation of a digital room without registration, and the possibility of inviting friends to the streaming room. The platform's successful KPI would be the number of user registrations on the platform, and crossing those numbers with the number of frequent users over time.

weflix-screen weflix-screen weflix-screen weflix-screen weflix-screen weflix-screen weflix-screen weflix-screen

The platform was designed and validated with the target audience. The main feedbacks were:
• Gamification of the platform, aiming to encourage the registration of users.
• Basic filters on the search screen, such as filtering by most popular or most recent.
• Make video calls more subtle, some users thought it was too big, and I agreed.

The project is conceptual, but I am open to partnerships to put it into practice. :)